Monday, November 3, 2014


Today I was reading yesterday's meditation in the Magnificat, and these words stuck out to me on "Honoring the Dead."

(In this meditation the author is speaking of parents who visit their son's grave in Russia):
Can it be that their prayers, their tears are fruitless? Can it be that love, sacred, devoted love, is not all-powerful? Oh, no! However passionate, sinning, rebellious the heart hidden in the tomb, the flowers growing over it peep serenely at us with their innocent eyes; they tell us not of eternal peace alone, of that great peace of "indifferent" nature; they tell us too of eternal reconciliation and of life without end."
-Ivan Turgenev's novel, Father and Son.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Precious Penelope, Happy Second Birthday, Sweet Love!

Sweet Penny: Our girl. I call you over to tell you something as I say, "Pens, I have something to tell you." You run over, whispering your breathy voice in my ear, "I yuv you!" Then I say, "I love you!" And you say, "I yuv you!" Yes, you do. And yes, we love you. You are our little "weaver," the thread that makes our lives so full, full of questions, and overflowing with prayers. To this day, I am in awe of God's strength, His love, His "weaving," through the threads of our lives, the lives of our dear family, and the lives of our dear friends. You were in Mommy's tummy in later January, 2012, the same time when Mommy's godmother was fighting cancer throughout her body. I say, "fight," but really I meaning suffering, and in suffering, she did not fight that, she joined herself in union with God's will, and told me, "It's ok," as I cried with her on the phone, and as she prepared for her death. Little did I know then but Gaye Ellen, Mom's godmother, and Gaye's Mom Joann had looked through a baby book and enjoyed the name Penelope, which means "weaver." In Gaye's funeral Mass, Fr. Joe gave his homily about "The Weaver" (as Gaye had requested), and without knowing this, I had already been reflecting on a passage of Fulton Sheen's about the tapestry workers, and how our lives are like a tapestry. (I made you a picture with this quote as your gift tonight on your second birthday.)
WE love you. We are blessed to have you in our lives on this journey, which is not a destination, but a journey where we must never lose sight of where we are going and to Whom we are going no matter how "messy" our tapestry may look. You are our sweet and lively thread, carrying vibrancy through our family tapestry. Thank you for being the sweet one that bobbles down the steps in the morning; the precious little lips that sweetly call, "Bay-beb" (Caleb), or the adorable voice that says "Ummy, yesh?" when you want to know how we feel about a taste of something that you just shared with us or "Barta" (Marta.) You are precious. And we love you....BECAUSE. (Your song. :)

Your big sisters, great readers and bakers, made your cake last night---and are anxious to slather it with Dulce de Leche when they are finished with Spanish class. We love you, sweet Pens! We enjoyed yummy chicken salad sandwiches-- a Maddy favorite, along with avocado slices--your fave!, and cucumber wedges. Homemade little pizzas and blueberry lemonade are on deck for tonight's dinner fun.  This morning, we enjoyed Cinco Calabrazas with felt story board, dancing, and musical chairs, Spanish lesson in songs, slide show of your birthday in 2012, just after 1pm!

WE love sweet YOU!

Your siblings and Mom all had these things to say about you today, and why we appreciate you....

TO Be Continued....Because, life continues, and the bells of the monastery at home call. 

Precious Moments with you

Reading together, baking, talking. I would not trade one, not one with you.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Where did 6 months of precious life go?

All to Living in the Present, which has been a true gift to us with YOU here!

I remember those moments so well, just six months ago. At this time on April 2, I was snuggled nect to you, sleeping you with that brand-new baby smell, fresh out of the house that held you so tight for 9 months. Those moments were precious. Your birth was intense, so wonderful, as each is, and you truly came with all your might into this world. We are so grateful. So. So. Grateful. You, wonderful you are 6 months old. Your names have been so many, because you mean so many things to us: angel love, loveable of loveable, happiness, just to name a few. Your life, every day, is like welcoming a new life into this world, because he of your siblings loves, loves, loves you, and so do Mom and Dad. What would we do with out you? I snuggle you up to me and kiss your sweet neck before I nurse you, and you are precious. Tonight you gazed into my eyes so much so that I could see your little eyes gazing back and forth as you watched. You just got your first 2 teeth (on the bottom) last week; how did that happen? You were just born, and yet you are getting new teeth on the top too... due to arrive ANY day!

We love you, sweetness. Sweet Marta, you are blessed to celebrate all of your 1/2 birthdays on the feast of the Guardian Angels. We pray to yours that you will be ever aware of God's voice in the guidance of your angel, who has been with you since the very beginning of your existence, when God willed you to be, and we said "yes!" Thank you, Lord, for the gift of life!