Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Penny Girl

Penny Loves to talk and be talked to! Today, Maddy went up to see Penny in our bed as soon as Penny had woken up. Madge and Pita usually love to run in and talk with her and hold her when she wakes up. This time, though, Madge saw that she was talking to herself and so happy that Maddy ran back downstairs and said, "Mom, she was so cute, I didn't even go in to her." I could see on her monitor how talky she was--having a blast and loving her beautiful life. We love you, Pen-Pen!

Sweet, Sweet Girl!

You are our sweety girl! We love you, Miss Penelope! Tonight Mom was holding you and was laid you in your bed, only to see that you would wake up and start talking. As soon as Mom would hold you again, you were content as could be and would go back to sleep. You are such a sweet snuggler who loves to be so close. Mommy loves it too. You are a true blessing.

Penny Cooing

Penny Tummy Time

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Family 5K

On Saturday, we ran a family 5K. For their first time ever, the girls ran a 5K. It was a killer hot morning, as the sun was up and scorching. The girls did a great job and ran through like little champs. Hopefully there will be more of these to come! The run was organized through my work in order to raise money for a children's cancer home outside Brasilia.

Cute story: yesterday, Madge asked us, "Mom and Dad, can we make it out for a bike ride today? I need to stretch my legs, as they're feeling a bit sore after the run." Just like everything else in life (love for God, learning, etc.), proper care of the body is learned young.

(We never did make it out for the bike ride since the rains returned! Gotta love the rainy season.)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Little love notes and flowers

Almost every day Pita collects flowers. She may run out to the back yard or pick the flowers along our trail when we are out biking and running. (She did tonight: she stopped, set down her bike and grabbed a flower. She was looking for more, but we needed to get going up the hill. She could pick and pick them without stopping. She really is the Lupine Lady from Miss Rumphius.)

The other day, Pita had picked flowers for me and gathered rocks (something else she loves to give me.) Then, she had gone to the school room and taken down her few "esssential" art tools: paper, a pencil, and a stick of glue. She brought her creation to me in the kitchen. I love you, Peach. Thank you for loving me so much with your sweet ways that remind me to enjoy the smallest things in this world that are the biggest lessons to us all: simplicity. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

(From our 2nd Annual Valentine's Dance tonight.)

You are dust and to dust you shall return...

Penny received ashes too yesterday. It was her second Lent, but the first outside-the-womb. Humbling to see a little innocent soul with ashes marked on her forehead.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1 year since the 1/2

One year ago today, we ran a 1/2 marathon as a family... all 6 of us! We had just found out 2 days before the race we were expecting Miss Penny, although we had no idea that the sweet little person inside was a little girly. One year later, here we are. Thanks to God, we have a sweet little happy girl healthy, happy and sound asleep, growing by the minute. What amazing things can happen in one year's time!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sweets to the Sweets

Madge, you are a little Mama and so good to watch with your siblings. You love them all so much and just left a birthday party with Mom early yesterday to get back home to Pita, because you were missing her. (You skipped the cake and gathered snacks for Pita and Caleb to give them as soon as you arrived home.) You teach and love your threesome with compassion and grace and are gentle to encourage, never thinking of you. Usually we hear, "Pita, you do this so much better than me," in your humble way, when you are so impressed with something Pita does. We thank God for you. You teach us so much. You, Peach, Caleb, and Penny,  are real blessings to us, and we are grateful. Remember our sign language? Here's one to you: I love you....BACK! Thanks for teaching us all what it means to be yourself and innocent as a child should be.

Running makes you tired...

Really, really tired. The other day we got home from a run. Our big girls biked and Cal and Pen-Pen, as Little Caleb calls his baby sister, were asleep in the jogger. Sweet, sweet faces. There is little else to say. Pure innocence.

Sister Talk

Peachy, you love your sister, and when you talk with her you say, "Hi, Sweety!" We love you and LOVE watching you with Pen-Pen!

Totally HAPPY

Sweet Penelope... need we say more!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Suicide bombing at US Embassy in Turkey kills 2

We lift in prayer those killed outside the U.S. Embassy in Turkey. The terrorist explosion occurred around 1pm today in the Turkish capital.

This is the eighth embassy attack in Secretary Clinton's reign.