Thursday, February 4, 2016

When did you grow and become so much older?

The other day I laid down with you as I put you all down for naps. I usually always have a yummy somebody in my arms, but for those moments I didn't. I hugged you and remembered all those times of us together... you grew in my tummy; we walked everywhere with you in my tummy all over Hawaii and Beijing, everywhere, just the two of us-- you've always been with me. Now, you are bigger, but you are still such a gift, a joy, a help. You are there. Just like the early morning Lottie was born, you came into our room and gasped as the moment was finally there..our baby was coming. You grabbed me and said, "Mom, lean into me, Pita always does..." and I cried. Happy tears, overwhelmed tears as I gazed at our treasures' faces. "Our hands are so full?" No, they are grateful for the bountiful blessings. I love you. Thank you for loving me.