Friday, March 28, 2014

Are you enjoying your Friday?......We are!

....Mommy, Aunt Kate, Uncle Matt and Aunty Lou--- reincarnated!

Waiting for you, Sweet One, in God's Time

Over the months, and weeks we have done many things to get ready for YOU! We have washed lots of your baby blankets, baby clothes, made Mexican tea as Mom has had contractions (this was the same tea we made when Mom was pregnant with your big sister Penelope! with avocado leaves from our backyard), painted pictures for you ;), and many more exciting moments, like saying the Rosary to you at night, talking to you and being loved by so many people, going for walks, kite-flying and walks at the QL12 lake. A few weeks ago we got to snap a few pictures... in case you wanted to come after so many contractions. :) We also have all of your presents for your big siblings wrapped--- they will love what you give them when it is time! We love you!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

GOD's will be done

May we all be the "Blue-Print" God desires us to be even if another person thinks we are crazy for what we are doing, where we are going, how we are fulfilling our vocation. If it is God's call and we are listening to Him, optics do not matter. People even thought Jesus was crazy for fulfilling the Father's will. Maybe in our Lenten sacrifices we can offer these in prayer and love for those who lay down barriers and cast others aside, particularly because their will, idea of the future for us, etc., is not "fulfilled." When we desire God's will in each person's life, we can be sure and be peaceful and really happy instead of tense, distraught, and bitter. Lord, please let us all let go of our own wills and our "plans" for others' lives, so that it may be YOU Who lives and speaks through them in their lives, that are YOUR creations. Not our wills, but YOURS be done. But for the grace of God go I....

And when we experience falls during Lent..."..even sins, from which God by His goodness defends us, are reduced by Divine Providence to good for those who belong to Him.  Never would David have been so full of humility had he not sinned, nor would Mary Magdalene have been so full of love for her Lord if He had not remitted so many of her sins if she had not committed them. You see, my daughter, this great architect of mercy: He converts our miseries into grace and makes salutary medicine for our souls from the venom of iniquities.....If God makes you fall, as He did with Saint Paul, whom He threw to the ground, it is to raise you up to His glory." - Fr Jacques Phillipe, "Searching for and Maintaining Peace", p.90-91.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy birthday, you are loved!

You teach us so much. You give all day from beginning to end. You smile, you laugh, you make us all happy. We are grateful for you and the stability you bring to our family. God's love is within you and we thank Him for sharing you with me in marriage, and now with our family as you father each of our children daily. You are always ready and willing and going in giving. Thank you for your love. May these days be blessed as you go forward seeking God's will and ways in your life, on your journey toward Him. He loves you so much, and we are so blessed to be a part of your life.