Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Waiting for you, Sweet Little One

Today we saw you in your ultrasound, and what a sweet little face you have. Your tiny lips were there and your little tongue we could see too ans you licked your little lips. How blessed we are to have you, and how loved you are. We cannot wait to meet you on the outside, although every day you get lots of touches and conversations, prayers and updates on our lives with words into Mommy's tummy from everyone here. We are waiting for you. We are loving you. We thank God for you and the joy you are to our family, and, to this world. What a privilege it is to carry you beneath my heart, and how loving God is to share His life with us, in you.
"Parents full of love, loyalty, dedication and not the 'masters of their children, "but their guardians”. The personal example of communicating the faith. "Mary and Joseph’s concerns for Jesus is the same as every parent who educates a child, introducing them to life and understanding reality." Pope Benedict XVI

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Sweets to our sweets! We love you and are so grateful for each of you and all the beauty and wonder and goodness you bring to our lives and the world around you.

                                                L    O     V  E!

 Enjoying the festivities at our 3rd annual St. Valentine's Dance on the upstairs veranda. Bittersweet days as we embark on a new journey elsewhere. We have loved our dances here. But, we are taking the best part of the dances with us.... each of our little treasures!