Monday, June 16, 2014

One Year Anniversary with Him in Your Heart

Dear Madge,
Today we celebrated your one-year anniversary in receiving Our Lord in the Eucharist in Brasilia. What a day that was. You are truly a gift to us, and a sweet girl with a big heart and a deep faith and many thoughts. You are an example of a multitude of virtues to us, and a funny little girl, a giggly trickster.
We love you. Today after our walk together we were happy to all jump in the car together after naps, and celebrate with an American ice cream,

a trip to the library, and a visit with Our Lord at the parish, then a lit votive candle to the Sacred Heart.
We are blessed, we are grateful to you, Dear Lord, for your love, constant gentleness, and mercy beyond measure. As Fr. said at the Mass on Sunday, "God is impatient, well, He really is not impatient, because He is patience itself, but He is impatient to wait until Eternity to be joined with us, and so He sends Himself into us beginning with Baptism..." At Mass two Sundays ago, we remember Fr. saying that confession and the Eucharist build on each other; you cannot have one without the other.

Lord, draw us near you and hold us deep  within You, where we want to abide always.

Sharing moments from one year ago, June 16, 2013, Brasilia. Now, we are blessed to have our sweet Marta in our lives. Forever we will give God thanksgiving for her life!